Tour Package Bromo Milky Way 2 Days 1 Night

Indonesia save thousands of natural beauty tourism you need to visit one of the mountain bromo east java, Nature tourism bromo mountain has a variety of charm of beauty one of them bromo milky way, Following tour program bromo milky way 2 days 1 night


Day 1 : Your location – Bromo Tours Milky Way


Pick your place at the agreed upon, Then with the vehicle we have prepared to the pine area lawang or sukapura for 3.5 hours. Take a break and have lunch at a local restaurant. After arriving in the area stay at the inn, Homestay, Vilaa and Hotel.


Day 2 : Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour Package


Tour bromo milky way tour starting at 11.00 at night or adjust the time of the milky way, picking up the hardtop jeep from your hotel to stay for the best ponit view saw the millky way of climb 2, Ocean of sand, hill of love, Hill of kingkong after finished enjoy Milky scenery way tour in proceed to view point sunrise at Puncak penanjakan 1, After satisfied enjoy sunrise at penanjakan then tour in proceed to sea of ​​sand you can rent horse or walk to reach crater bromo. Satisfied to see the crater phenomenon continues towards savanna, Hill teletubies and whispered sand. Once satisfied exploration all the charm of Mount Bromo back to the Hotel break. After check out transfer back to where you want.


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